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21 year old dude from nowhere, going somewhere.
Clouded Karma

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The perfect night. At the perfect place(@rbstudiosny). The perfect people and the perfect sounds (@aiaiaicph) #lovethefree screening #tbt
Best buds!
@lace956 killing the set Last night #Volstead #Austin
Hellen Hellen Hellen.
"An idle mind is the Devils playground."
Every now and then I come thru on some new shit. #foolsgold //
He also likes to hang here… Get out the sink Nasir I gotta brush my teeth!
His favorite place to lay…I can’t see the show Nas!
Leave your Jordan’s & grills at home today bro..
Have nightmares bout me..
I cooked again..
Who wants to come to top golf tonight?! #austin #lurk